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Bacon wrapped kielbasa

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I made a batch of "Pork Candy" yesterday to bring as a smack for Christmas at a friends. So easy to make and they were awesome!

Used some of the bacon I made last week
Wrapped and topped with a 50/50 mix of rub and brown sugar and onto the Weber Kettle! They turned out fantastic!!!

My friends loved them, but almost didnt want to even try them just because of the name pork candy. Maybe they need to be renamed??? Same people thought "BaconLog" was better than the name "Fatty" !


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They look delicious John, whatever you want to call them!

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Looks like a winner. never done these before but I have family christmas party New Years eve and I may have to try these!

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I was putting it off for a long time but then because I had the bacon...thought I might as well give it a try.  Didn't smoke them, just grilled. Plenty of smoke taste from the bacon.  So easy to make and it took about an hour from start to eating. maybe a 1/2 hour on the grill indirect heat, but could just as easily be done in an oven.  Did 35 of them and they were gobbled up pretty quickly!  I'm thinking next time I'll do a variety of meats and maybe add in some cheese to top them off.




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They look great to me and I don't care what you call them. I wouldn't use the bacon that you made for this dish cause the bacon will get lost in all the other parts of the dish have some strong flavors. Now as far as the names you can call them anything that you want. 

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I have renamed them several times because there just isn't a very good descriptive couple of words for them. We have finally settled on "pork shots" because that is kinda what they are; a little bacon cup with a kielbasa bottom that is full of goodness.

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Bet you could pipe a bit of seasoned cream cheese on top

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I had one left over and dabbed on some smoked goat cheese - OMG!   Smoked Shooters seems like a fitting title!




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I've been wanting to make these for days now, just been to busy. Hope they come out as good as yours   icon14.gif

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You inspire me!  Just threw a batch on the heat!

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I saw another post where they called them "pork shots" or "pork shotz".   Sort of fits, as they are about the size of a shot glass?  And if anyone reading this has not tried them yet, they are great.

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I will be doing some of these in the near future. 

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