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Finally got my a-maze-n

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My kids got me an a-maze-n for Christmas. I am already happy. Put some sea salt in this morning and have not had to touch it. My daughter said shipping was super fast. My question is how long the average burn time is. I burnt 2 rows in 4 hours. I thought it would burn longer.
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What did you burn dust or pellets? Did you fill it to the top? If dust did you tamp it? 

These all make a difference.  If you smoke with dust fill to the top and tamp down lightly, if pellets be sure to fill to the top and pack fairly tight


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I was using the pellets Todd sent with it. I did not pack them at all. I just dropped them in. I just got back home and checked and every pellet burned and just a little ash in the bottom. The salt came out better than any other time.

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I guess it would have helped if my daughter gave me the paper with directions on it when they gave it to me. she just handed it to me and said she forgot to put it back in the box before wrapping it.

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Sounds like it worked well for you!

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Very Cool kids you got!


Did you figure it out after reading the instructions?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Todd, yes I got it all figured out. Thanks. I really do have great kids. The got me the A-maze-n and a bunch of beef to play around with. Cant wait to use it more. Planning some beef brisket this week and I am getting some brisket in the brine tonight for my corned beef and pastrami.

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Cool deal, your kids are great

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