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Merry Christmas Everyone!

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deer bologna 001.JPGMerry Christmas to all! Smoking 20 lbs of deer bologna today! If I get time I will load photos when it's done!

Here's the photo of finished bologna! Dumped it in the sink for a cold water bath. I only had natural casings left to use. still tastes fantastic!

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Sounds like a gret Christmas project. Looking forward to the pics.

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A quick photo for Al! Merry Xmas friend!

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Great pic


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I have my smoked cheese and crackers at the ready.


Nice sausage.

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sausage looks good.drool.gif

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awesome..................great job............icon14.gif



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Small casing, fat casing wide casings it all looks great when it's home made.

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It looks great from here.icon14.gif

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