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Santa came Santa came YES!!!!

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et-732.jpgAnd brought me a new Maverick et-732!!! I have been a good boy this year!!! I would like to take a moment to say thank you for what we have and are able to do as there are ALOT of people who WISH they had a gift to open and something to eat. For that I am truly thankful!!! God bless


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I got one last year and wow what a difference a Thermometer makes

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sausage.gif   Congratulations!

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I just upgraded to this thermo from the older version of this model, and boy what a difference, your gonna love that thermo,

I don't know if you have any experience with those mavericks but sometimes getting the two components to sync seems like pulling teeth from a polar bear, but be patient it will sync eventually

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Congrats Joesausage.gif

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Congrats that's a great thermometer

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Congrats on a great new toy

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WTG nice score. I'll bet you are 1 happy camper

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The convenience of the 732 is especially nice during the winter.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Good haul!! That thermo will make your life SO much easier. The syncing and the setting of the HI/LO temp alarms can be a little tricky but not too bad. Just read thru the manual and go through the processes a couple times. One thing that has surprised me is that the batteries seem to last a LONG time. I've had mine a few months and use it several times a week and am on my 2nd set. The first set didn't even die, I just got nervous and changed them out. Also make sure you do the boil/ice test to make sure you know where you stand. Mine was within a couple degrees of dead on accurate.

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Congrats on the new thermo unit.

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Thanks Fellas,It is nice. I used it today on a prime rib(no qview) and it seems dead on. I thought they were already calibrated from the factory? The thermo said 240 for bbq temp and my MES was st to 240 coincidence???


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And it was a pain in the ass to set the alarm. I had a hhh come up on the meat side of the receiver and i unplugged the cord from the transmitter and plugged it back in and it worked. It seem very accurate out of the box????


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