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New Stuffer - (Your opinions Please)

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If your asking what stuffer to buy. I have a LEM 5 lb. stuffer & love it.

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Cant see it Dex......... A new stuffer.... Oh boy..........icon14.gif  you must have been good......



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Can you see this? Its the one i got.

Quality stainless sausage stuffer with 4 sizes of stuffing tubes. High and low speeds for maximum pressure but quick filling. Stainless steel allows for easy cleaning and years of service.

- Stainless steel frame, tubes and cylinder
- Aluminum gear box with steel gears
- 2 Speed stuffing
- 4 Sizes of stuffing tubes: 10mm, 16mm, 22mm, 38mm
- Cylinder Diameter: 141mm
- Cylinder Length: 320mm
- Machine size: 65 x 34 x 30cm
- Gross Weight/Net Weight:13/12 kg



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I dont know what happened to my original post. anyway here is the one I got. 11 lb one from Mid-Western research and Supply.

 Picture is above.


I think they are one of the SMF sponsors or used to be.

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Nice looking stuffer!

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It is a great stuffer congrats

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Can't go wrong with stainless and steel gears... NICE!


Fill'er Up!

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Nice stuffer congrats!!!!!!!

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Great looking stuffer! Now I know where to buy a good one!

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Looks like a winner?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thanks folks for all the positive input.!

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Looks good and a worker it will be.

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Hoity, I have a 7lb'er maid by the same company that makes that unit. Mine is a 7#er by weston, I hate to say my rear end ate a mud hole in me and at the time i puchased mine, they told me the 11 lb'er would be coming out by the 1st of the year, but I could not wait.  I PRAY FOR YOU THAT THAT UNIT WORKS BETTER THAN MINE. I worked my ass off last week stuffing 10lb of snack sticks, kept blowing out the rubber gasket. Make sure you add about 1 ounce of water more than what is called for or your gasket WILL NOT STAY ON. I called weston on monday last week and they are sending me out a new unit. I hope your 11lb'er works better. 

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Ok, thanks for the heads up. I usually put extra water in anyway so maybe it will work out.


So many choices,, too little time...right?

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The snack sticks are also so small once the cure kicks in and the meat tightens up I could see where the gasket might blow.,,Perhaps using the next larger casing and binder in the mix would help as well.

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I have not had to do it for mine, but I have heard of people folding up some plastic wrap to put between the plunger and the meat.  I would bet that for anything but snack sticks you won't face that? Even if then?


Good luck and good smoking.

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That's a great looking stuffer! Bet you can't wait to give it a try!

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Now thats a sweeet stuffer.

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Nice stuffer, I bet you're going to be making alot of sausage now. yahoo.gif

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