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15# Rib Roast $4.99/lb for Christmas Dinner

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Picked up a 15 lb Rib Roast for Christmas Dinner, what do you guys use for a rub, just salt & pepper or do you go for more spices?

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Wow! That sounds like a great price! I thought I was doin' good at $5.49/lb. 


Use the search tool, there is some great info here pertaining to rib roasts.

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OMG I'd Gunner.gifto get them kind of prices on prime, when I checked on Monday it was over $10 per


Nice score. when I do get it which isn't very often. I rub it down good with a mix of garlic, salt, fresh CBP, Beau Monde, and rosemary

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Personally I rub with evoo the use salt, pepper, garlic, and sometimes rosemary. It's such a great cut of meat keep it simple and let the meat speak for itself. Some members really like using Montreal Steak Seasoning on it

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Right now I'm getting "Prime Rib" at $3.49 per pound. Basically salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and a bit of paprika. I like bearcarver's recipe with the worsterchester sauce.

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What Piney said! Too good a cut of meat to overpower with seasonings.

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Wih a cut of meat like a Good prime rib you don't want to mask the flavors in the meat itself. So just a littl personally flavoring/seasonings should do just fine. Salt, Pepper, and alittle fresh Garlic. and smoke.

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I agree s&p and maybe rosemary and a little garlic.  Let the meat taste as good as it is

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12:24 pm the roast has been in the smoker with hickory for about 3 1/2 hours and the internal temp is at 117º, probably another hr or so to gopot.gif.Prime Christmas.jpg

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Looks great. Gotta get my qviews posted from yesterday. Christmas dinner is someone else's responsibility today. 

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