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4lb baby backs - Help on how to smoke

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Happy Holidays All:


I asked my butcher for a meaty rack of baby backs and he handed me a 3.81 lb beauty.  I have it all rubbed down and in the frig resting.  Any ideas on how to smoke it?  I was going to try 3-2-1 and thought i might have to extend the last interval by up to an hour. I'll get a picture up asap.  Matt

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If they are nice & thick the 3-2-1 should work fine. You will be able to tell when you pull them out of the foil. I like to do the last 1 on a 350 degree grill. You probably won't need to keep them on the grill for more than 30 minutes. They get a real nice crust on the outside from the higher heat.

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what al said

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Now the 2-2-1 is for baby backs right. Now they are pretty darn meaty so maybe the 3-2-1 but whos knows. I think I'm leaning towards the 2-2-1 myself. Then depending how fall off the bone you wat them play with the middle 2 time. I do spares alot and only run the middle time for 1 1/4 then take them out of the foil and back onto the grates for the last 45 minutes or so.

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3-2-1 will work good, I like Al's suggestion of 350F for the last hour to get that nice bark formed.


That is one nice rack of baby backs!



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3-2-1 is how I'd do them.

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I would smoke them for 4 and a half hours at 225, then you can finish them on the grill or turn up the heat on the smoker to 260 for another 40 min...The bone should have a little give and still hold together without falling apart.  Unless I am at home without a smoker, then I would put them in apple juice, beer, spices and braise them for 4 hours, then cool them off, brush with honey and finish on the grill with some sauce.  Yum!


Oh, yeah...nice looking rack you have there!  That is the supreme cut!

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