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Thanks eman!

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Thanks to Bob and Sherrie for the spicy pepper jelly, strawberry jelly, and blueberry jelly. And a huge thanks from Maya for the fruitcake. She loves the fruitcake you guys make. I will be sending something in return very soon. biggrin.gif



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Looks like a great care package icon14.gif
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Hey Joel,

How's it going? All those jellies sound real good. I like jelly better than jams and the one I see here, I don't get very often. That is the pepper jelly. I have thought about trying to make it myself. What I have in mind is something that isn't " cross your eyes hot " , Just a little more than warm. Is this recipe for the spicy pepper jelly really hot? Where can I find the recipe? I haven't been on this exchange program before, it sounds like a great idea.


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hey Mike,

 How about i send you the recipe?

 it's not hot , Great on cream cheese and crackers or on some pork.


 recipe  sent via PM.

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