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Morton's tenderquick help please?

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Merry xmas!  I'm pretty good with the search feature, but got even more confused.  I'm interested in making some summer sausage using ground venison and some pork...probably 2-5 lb batch.  There are plenty of recipes out there, but concensus on tenderquick is all over the map.  Is it 1.5 tsp or 1 TBS per lb of meat?  The bag says 1 TBS per lb, but plenty of folks say 1.5 tsp per lb.  Morton's has a recipe for beef salami on their website calling for 1.5 tsp per lb, yet the bag says 1 TBS?  Thanks for the help...not trying to overthink, I just don't want to ruin my good ground venison.

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Here ya go..


Read has ground meat amounts....





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From the Morton's web site:


I should add that the amounts are different for ground meat and intact muscle meat.  This is likely the source of confusion.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Sounds like the guys have you covered.

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Perfect...thanks guys.  Sounds like 1.5 tsp for 1 lb ground and 1 TBS for 1 lb roasts or solid cuts...Will let you know how the summer sausage turns out.  Merry xmas.

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