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bbq temp

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    So I'm doing my seconded pork but, I am wondering if 200 is to low? I'm also trying to make agood bark! should i up the temp?










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run the temp up to 225 - 235 . You'll be fine.


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First of all Welcome to the forum


My second question is 200 what?  Internal temp or Smoker temp?

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smoker temp


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Then like Eman said.  As a matter of fact the later the day gets and the closer you get to wanting to finish up you may want to kick it up to 260 - 265.  I normaly wait until it gets out of the stall to go to 260

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thanks guys i love this site pretty cool

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Good luck & don't forget the camera!

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200 is low, if anything the number one thing ive learned in my short smoking career is that you can get just as good results with higher temps.  I run butts at 250-275 till probe tender (usually around 195 internal) and let them rest foiled in a cooler for at least a couple hours before pulling.  

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