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Rookie needs help! No smoke!

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Hello all,


Just bought my first smoker, a propane Masterbuilt 20050611.  After reading a few posts I seasoned the grill and just tossed on a few sausages to try it out.  I soaked some apple wood chips for 45 mins and set my burner on medium, smoker temp climbed to 250 which will be perfect (I've read) for the turkey I plan on smoking xmas morning.  Well, 30 or so minutes later the wood chips have turned to ash and I have no smoke!  


I've read that the out-of-the-box wood chip pan that sits directly above the flame isn't very good (see image below).  Is that my problem, that the flame is burning the wood too fast?  Should I use a cast iron skillet like others have done?  


Also, should I always have water in the pan above the wood chip tray?


Sorry such a dummy but the Mastbuilt instruction stink!!!


Thanks in advance!




Mastbuilt Smoker.jpg

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I would use wood chunks, the chips burn up too fast. On my gasser I put some chips in the bottom then a bunch of chunks on top.

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In my rig like that I like to use a mixture of chunks and chips.

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Now I have a similar unit and I use chips and some chunks when I have them. Oh yea welcome to SMF there Steve.

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I put a cast iron frying pan on top of the factory chip tray. Works great for me. I'll put some chunks around the edge of the factory pan and chips in the cast pan. They last much longer doing that.

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You need to just put more on, I tend to add chips every hour of the smoke.

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