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Todays first smoke!! Bacon crackers..withB-view!!!

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Got the recipe from garden and gun magazine>>>>


Picked up some Club some of my tasty home made bacon out of the fridge.


Wrapped the crackers and sprinkled with some Slap ya Mama..( thanks nepas  I saw this after you showed pics of it).


Then into the MES with the tasso and pecan dust smoking.


These disappeared in seconds...hahahahhahahahah





12-23 007.JPG





12-23 008.JPG





Delicious!!!   Not enough tho!!  hahahhahaha

12-23 009.JPG


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I like that Craig!


Your whole house must smell like bacon!

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I wounder if Craig puts bacon on  Interesting idea there, add some smoked cheese after they come out of smoker and the  Wow factor just went up

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looks good craig,   your cracking me up with the tonge in cheek, Q view,Tview, B view, Dan view posts

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