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Thanks for all the great info and I've saved it. 

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Thank you, great idea! All the scraps being thrown out and running to the grocery to buy a little bottle of spice for $2.00.


A dehydrator is on my want list for sure now and a little spice grinder. Can anyone recommend one that don't cost a fortune and does a good  job?

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In my personal experience...

I bought my 1st RONCO dehydrator in 1976...I used my B-day money and grass mowing wages to do it...(  I was 10 )  It was slow, But made good Jerky...I later found out it made AWESOME leafy spices...Oregano, basil, celery leaves,  etc...

Today I still use the Ronco for these things

Next Choice for me was  AMERICAN HARVEST  I ran 2 units with 11 trays each around the clock for close to 10 years...The trays got work harened and brittle and needed to be replaced about once every other year but were great machines...after just over 10 years of service 1 lost heat...and about 3 weeks later the other lost thermostat control...It went full bore High heat all the time...Which was fine with me for jerky,onions, and garlic

Back in the mid 90's I got a NESCO with a top heater...I didn't much care for it...I often times get too busy to rotate the trays every hour...It wasn't for me...Where the Ronco was rotate trays every 8-12 hours, and the american harvest's were rotate every 6-8

My new Cabellas...Well 1 1/2 year old unit I only turn the trays once after about 4 hours...8 to 10 hours and all my stuff is dry...I'm talking about 25 to 30# of meat....Herbs and Onions I don't even turn them, Just run it till they are dry,

Like I said earlier, Don't spend the 30 to 50bux on a SPICE GRINDER...EL CHEAPO COFFEE GRINDERS work just as well...Fll the grinding bowl with tastee's pulse till you get the texture you want... dump into the jars and enjoy


If you do some thrift store shopping you can get yourself set up for 20 bux or so for a dryer and grinder...

If you look for sales often times you can find an AH for under $50 and like I said you can buy a cheap coffee grinder for 10bux all day long


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I misslabed this thread...But I'm shifting gears alittle bit here

Ever made a tough chewy dry Roast, and had lots of left overs nobody wanted to eat?



The wife did it..That's my excuse icon_eek.gif

I used to go on Safari, for a week or 2 at a time...and had to eat...

So survival packs were a kid I loved C-rations...And created a improoved version...

Take that nasty Roast... slice it at 1/4" then chunk it around an inch long, Be sure to trim ALL OF THE FAT... Toss in the dryer...

Now before I get more Spec's a doorknob votes let me finishpot.gif  thumb1.gif

Something many people don't realize...The steamed veggies...or the leftover Holiday veggie tray that didn't get eaten make the best dry soup/stew mix ever...Think Ramen noodle cups...

Take the cooked Veggies, Broccoli,Cauliflower,potatos,carrots, cut them into about 1/2" peices and toss in the dryer, Other veggies such as peas,and corn are good for this as well...I'll get som pix soon

Once this stuff is dry

I put them in Vac bags with, Beef or chicken stock... I have some recepes if anybody is interested

Stock powder,or cubes work well,

Stock, Onion,garlic,pepper,and other spices to taste

Dried Beef, Chicken or Turkey

and a handfull of mixed dried veggies...Broc. cauli, carrots, potato, and shrooms are my favorites

Vac pac the bag and store in a cool dry place

While out on safari all you have to do is add water and heat...for about 1/2 hour to 45 mins depending on how big your goodies are cut to

This a meal that has all of your needs Protein,carbs,fats...It's good and good for you...Just add water

Barb's dad eats these about twice a week ...Made in his micro wave...Good for kids after school snacks too Basically no cooking...and no ingredients you can't pronounce or know what the hell they are

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Now before I get more Spec's a doorknob votes let me finish    pot.gif  thumb1.gif


Spec, I thought you voted yourself a "doorknob" for a teaser.... If not, someone is letting you know they like your sense of humor..... It can't be serious.....


This is a great thread and I'm sure everyone is taking notes on the genius of your ideas...  Just my 2 cents... I love the soup idea too... Dave


By the way, if I could have figured out how to vote twice I would have given you a DOUBLE DOORKNOB award for the great thread.............

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I might have done the vote...

Vicodens and beer do that to me....hit.gif

Thanks for the kind words

Something I forgot to mention on the soup mixes...Always double bag them, if vac sealing..The veggies even go through the 5 mil bags I use when packed and transported in a ruk sak

The other thing I forgot was don't use fried meats...Smoked,grilled and baked are all good...

Thanks Dave

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I have to say I've re-read this once again because I have a bunch of veggies (celery, radishes, onions, green onions, peppers, etc) I have to clean and I'm going to do this. You are a genius and have provided us with lots of great info! Kudos to you and I voted

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I appreciate the kind words...

No genious here...Just good old fashioned common sense, Plus I hate to see food go to waste...

I do really suck it up

Barb says you guys gotta stop...HEAD SWELLROTF.gif


The 1st couple of years I had a dehydrator I dried everything in site when it wasn't full of Jerky...That reminds me...

Cooked squash ( Butternut, Acorn,etc..) diced at 1/2"  and dried is an interesting addition to soups/stews, or chopped then dried, and ran thru the grinder and added as a powder

A point that I may have left out...scald, steam or boil Most veggies...if you don't this will happen to them

Carrots...turn grey/brown

potato...turns grey/black

cauliflower...turns grey...and is touph almost black...gets bitter and unchewable

Ruetabegga?...won't rehydrate

Things you don't want to bother with are cukes/zukini/eggplant/lettuce of any kind/okra/brusselsprouts/pac choy/cabbage

I should have written all this down years ago


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Great info spec.

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Moving right along...

Well... shifting gears again

Let's move on to citrus and fruits

Pretty much any fruit can be dried for future use

I used to wait for the produce lady to fill "That cart" with the not so good looking fruits,berries, and other tastee goodies...I'd just steal the whole cart and off to the register I'd go...If you flirt with the produce get better goody's banana_smiley.gif

A 50/50 mix of FILTERED water and lemon juice are your friend...Berries,bannanna's, apples need this citric acid to not brown..(Minerals in the water are multiplied)

.Raspberries, Black berries and berries with alot of seeds should be pureed and run thru a seive before drying...there are lots of receipes out there if you look for fruit roll ups..For these you'l need the trays or some disposable lids IE...plastic butter, sour creme container lids etc.

I have some favorite concoctions  When in season a raspberry, Blue berry, pineapple, bannanna mix...

More on that later if anybody is interested

When doing strawbwerries, kiwi fruit etc...Dry to leathery after dunking in the 50/50 mix

Bannanna, Apple, or Pear chips...I like to add some Honey and cinnamon to the mix...Then dry them till crispy...They will be shiney...

For trail mix type apples dry till leathery...Something else that dehydrated apples are good for........











If you don't have a good supply of applewood.................. dry apples will add ALOT OF APPLE FLAVOR IN YOUR SMOKER...Only dry to leathery for this

Moving on to the what the F spec

Lemons, Limes, Oranges, and Grape fruit are absolutly AWESOME additives to reciepes...I had a buddy who would eat bag after bag of dried oranges

( They don't need to be dredged in the lemon mix)

Now the flavor is really subdued...way not what you would expect..VERY LIGHT and MILD compaired to juice or the fresh fruit.

Slice the fruits 1/8 to 1/4" cross ways and in half lengthways... the peels always taste like shit unless zesting them. dry until they  break like the onions

If you want a milder better marmalade these broken up in the mix with some fresh fruit tone it down a bit, don't forget to add some extra water...

These will not rehydrate like cauli,broc, corn etc... will... But are way good in sauces and and receipes tha call for Zest or juice You'll need to experoment to suit your tastes

Just crumble the dried fruit into the mix

Barb's bugging me to get in the tub...gotta go 


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I forgot...Pineapple falls into the orange/lemon group

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