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Carne de Res Kalimotxo

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Tas... Love your recipes.... I've never been to Lithuania... your food reminds me of my GrandMa's cooking.... It was a short trip to Lithuania but I'm back now.... Dave

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Always enjoy your posts -- this one, like so many others, looks incredibly good.  Nothing like a wonderfully braised beef dish.


Thanks for another great post.

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Looks-Great.gifanother on my ever growing to do list

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Another great thread!


Thank-you TW!

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g'morning, gents - and thank you for the kind words ~ i promise that if you give it a try, you will absolutely not be disappointed ~


dave - sorry about the confusion, bud, but this one is from spain, not lithuania. the good enss is that i do have quite a few lithuanian recipes available to me, so i will see if i can find one or two and try them out!



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Nice presentation and a great looking meal!

I'm glad i came across this thread!

I actually have an old dutch oven that belonged to my Basque great-grandmother that would work great on this recipe.


Being half-Basque myself, I'm always on the lookout for good Basque recipes. I recently finished a batch of 'Basque Chorizo'


Thanks for posting this!





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hi, cougar, and thank you, sincerely, for the kind words. i hope you try it and enjoy it.


i took a look at your chorizo vasco, and it looks absolutely outstanding. if you don't mind, i'd like to "steal" it in the event i am able to try it someday ~ it looks absolutely perfect, and certainly true to the basque origins.


thanks -



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Now that sure does look awesome to me. I would love to have some of that about right now with it 40°ish outside.

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definitely some good stuff, paul - but 40ish? c'mon, man!icon_cry.gif

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Thanks for this racipe it looks great

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