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Goose Time Again

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Last year my son and the team he hunts with had me with 230lbs of canadian goose breast to make into jerky, slim jims and bologna.


He is on Christmas vacation leave for 2 weeks back hunting in North East PA. Going to be freezing the breast meat and taking back to FT BRAGG next week.


I'm ready.


The way he is holding his shotgun ya would think he's back in the sand hunting bad guys....LOL (right)













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Wow! That's alot of goose to fix up. Have fun. It looks like your son and his buddy did.

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Nepas, evening... WOW on the geese...... that will be fun knowing who it's for....... Thanks for the pictures of your son... He holds his shotgun with great respect.... Dave



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WOW 230# of breast meat is ALOT of geese. I didn't even know a goose hunting team existed. Learned something new here.

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That should keep you busy for a while.

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Now that is what I am talking about! Nice job boys! NEPAS do you have one of these


They work great and save tons of money in plates, blades and grinders.

I can't wait to see what you come up with for sausage.

I will be getting after it for real on the weekend of the 7th, I hope we can do as good. I love me some cheddar goose kielbasa.


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Them guys already have it cut boneless, skinless and run the detector thru em and de shot. From what my son says one of the head guys from on of the big hunting companies goes out with em.


Last year i did so much goose i got sick of it.

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O Boy i am looking for goose here and i can not find they do a great pastrami (from the breast)

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