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Smoked Turkey on the Weber Kettle today

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Work gathering tonight...did some beef knuckle yesterday and brined a 14# bird overnight. The brine I use is a bit of this & that - no real measuring. I dissolve salt and brown sugar in some water, pour in a bunch of apple juice, some Jim Beam, crack up some peppercorns and set the bird in the bucket. I then top off with water and spple juice so it is submerged, add a ziplock bag & cover then set in fridge.

Grilled like I did the beef:
Pellets on the charcoal! Ran steady at 250 from 9:30 this morning until 3pm on the bell. Internat temp at breast was 181...crispy skin and super juicy!

On for almost :45



And on the board ready to be torn apart

Crispy skin is for me while I remove the meat - gotta keep the cook happy!

Thanks for looking - Merry Christmas!



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Nice looking bird. That Weber does a nice job.

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Nice turkey! I have several other bbqs and smokers, but I always seem to use my Weber kettle the most. So easy and versitile.

Christmas on St. John? I wouldn't need any other present. The turkey would be a bonus!

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Nice Bird...I think 180*F is pretty well done, you really only need 165*F, I hope its not dry...JJ

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Awesome looking bird! Gotta love those Weber kettles!

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Thanks for looking and the compliments.  JJ - the turkey was super moist all the way even the breast was perfect.  Pulled apart easy at that temp (used for a work function and no fancy slicing needed).'s not like back in MN, but that is why we are here and not there...all good!




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Now thats a good looking bird but I'm with JJ and say that 180° is way to high. Next time go with 165° (I go 160°) and then let it rest.

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I will give that a try next time, thanks!





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