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First stab at polish sausage.

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Well I finally tried sausage.  Used some old equipment, this stuffer was patened in 1888 and not made much later, but worked well.  Used a whole lot of elbow grease to stuff these.downsized_1222011130.jpg


Into the smoke.......




More QVIEW later.........

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Great start on the sausage.   Nothing wrong with using the old equipment.   Looking forward to the final Qview!

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Cool, Got a pic of the stuffer?


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I want to see that stuffer too. Good looking sausages.

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Here it is.....






She is a classic.

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Nice lookin stuffer tho, but I like old stuff


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Pretty cool,  the modern designs haven't changed much,  just the materials used.

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looks like an enterprise, very nice piece!

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Love old stuff. They built it to last that's for sure.

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Them old enterprise stuffers are the good ones.


Nice sausage to.


Just a little tip for ya, dont overlap the sausages or they might not get done where they lap and wont take no smoke, you will have like a whitish spot there where they were laying on eachother.

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Now that is a stuffer!

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I fixed the overlap, little too much Budweiser when puttin them in.  All is good now.  A nap does wonders.

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Looks great!!


I like nap time too.



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Nice looking bunch of sausages there Joe. Did you get any pictures when it was done? I like that stuffer. It reminds me of the one my uncle used when I was a kid.

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Joe, evening... the sausage looks soooo good.icon14.gif.... and the stuffer is awesome... I like old stuff... American made even.... don't get no better than that.... Dave

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That's 1 nice stuffer and the sausage Looks-Great.gif

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Looks great Joe


Joe biggrin.gif

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looks good mr weiser LOL been there done that more than once great stuffer so is the yr and month on that on :)  cant wait to see final pics

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All done.




It tastes wonderful.

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