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1st Roast Run.

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IMG00239-20111222-0644.jpgIMG00240-20111222-0645.jpgOk men after much looking and drulling here, we are gonna give it a run with this nice little rump roast. Do I have a clue, no , and there is only one way to learn. From all the PRO's here. Thanks for the encouragement ! My first step was to soak in Red Creek over night. Pulled out the next morning toweled off and applied dried rub. back in the fridge this morning to sit till Tuesday the 27 where it will get smoked and hopefully have some awesome roast beef.?IMG00235-20111221-2041.jpgIMG00236-20111221-2043.jpg

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Sorry for the mumbo jumbo here. I need to figure this out.

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Dude take it out of the bag, wrap in cheese cloth or a cotton tea towel, place on a cooling rack in a pan and back in the refrigerator to Dry Age for the week...Check this out...JJ

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Looks good so far. Now I got to wait til Tuesday? popcorn.gif


On your pic thing. When you upload hit return twice after the pic loads but before typing or loading another pic.

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Jimmy, Thanks for the help, done. I did have it wrapped in a cotton towel. Looks like that is about all I had going. It is now on a cooling rack still wrapped in the towel on top of the pan. I Thank you sir. You are what makes this forum what it is "THE BEST" 


alelover if not for mr. Jimmy J. not sure we would have had much to wait on. The wheels are back on and we are rolling. I HOPE

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OK Jimmy, It is now wrapped in cheese cloth. Made a mad run to the store to pick some up. The thought of not doing it right was EATING at me. Waiting on Tuesday. 

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I gotta try that JJ!

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