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How much should I smoke?

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For our annual Christmas Eve brunch, I'm smoking pork butt for PP.  We expect to have up to 45 people stopping in and I'm not sure how much pork to prepare.  We will have other things to eat but I'm looking for some advice on how much pork I will need.  Help?


Thanks for the help.



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  I'm thinking 3/4 to 1 pound per person so 4-5 eight pound buts.Will you be serving or is it self-serve? Might make a difference.




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1lb./person max. also really depends what side dishes will be offered...if there will be enough other food around, 1lb of pork will be more than enough on top of everything else for the average eater

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Big Andy


There are some catering guides floating around on the forum that will give you some good guidelines.   Remember with pulled pork you will normally have a 35% - 45% loss by weight depending on the moisture in the raw meat and how much fat and burned trimming you discard.


From there figure 1/3 lb if served with other dishes and 1/2 lb if served as main meal.  Pulled pork freezes well and can be used in many other dishes so I always cook more then I need

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I'm with Al on this one and say about 1/3lb per person s usually a good amount.

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Quickly doing the math it works out to  7 oz raw for 1/3lb servings and 11oz raw for 1/2lb servings.  That is with a 40% waste


10 peope at 7 oz is 4.5lbs raw butt         at 11oz is 7lbs raw


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Okay, so using Al's math and the expected crowd of 46 - my wife confirmed the count this morning - I should smoke somewhere between 20 and 30lbs. raw to feed this motley crew.  I think I have +/- 30lbs. from Costco so I'll do all of that and if there's any left over, I get some good sammys for a few days, nothing wrong with that plan!


Thanks boys, I appreciate the help.



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32 lbs there about for 1/2 lb servings if I do my figuren rite!

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