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I need knowledge:)

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I smoked a turkey and a ham at Thanksgiving, and I was the hero:) Turkey turned out so well, (best turkey I've ever had) that I now have requests for Christmas! Only problem that I had was the Turkey came out almost black. I had to smoke it for about 8 hours to get it up to 165. I brined it overnite, and rubbed it with EVOO. The actual meat was wonderful! Moist and tasty, but how do I keep the skin from turning so dark? Baster? If so, how often? I didn't want to keep opening the smoker, because it was taking so long to get up to temp. Thanks:)

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Put "turkey skin black" in the handy dandy search tool up top.


Here is one of the threads I got from doing that.





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Did you use alot of sugar in your rub ??? How much wood /smoke did you put to the bird ???? Now do you have a good digital thermometer ???? All questions that need to be answered before I can come up with an answer. Now how dark is dark???

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Originally Posted by fpnmf View Post

Put "turkey skin black" in the handy dandy search tool up top.


Here is one of the threads I got from doing that.





Craig, you really need to do Wiki tutorial about searching. I have been around this site for 2 years now and I still can't find what I know I have seen and read before. You seem to have a gift of search..



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Thanks Craig, that did help some.


Here are more details. I use a propane masterbuilt, and yes I do have a good digital thermometer. I brined with a simple brine of salt, brown sugar, and a bottle of italian dressing. I made a herb butter with thyme and sage, and put it under the skin everywhere I could. I used EVOO, salt, and pepper on the outside, and onion and apples in the cavity. That's pretty much it. I smoked it at about 250. It got out of the danger zone no problem in about 2 hrs. The turkey itself was un-believable. Best I ever had, and many of my guests said the same. It disappeared no problem. As far as smoke, I soak my chips, and put them in a cast iron skillet covered with punctured foil. I used hickory, and after reading Craig's search, I may have had too much smoke. The turkey wasn't totally black, but it was really dark, and some of the skin would leave black on your hands like charcoal. I just want it to be a little more presentable is all.

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inadequate combustion of propane or the wood chunks will do that.

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I'm not even sure what that means. LOL.

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If there is not enough air mixed with the propane it will not burn completely and you end up making black stuff called carbon. I have gotten it on my kettles when I brew if I don't keep my burner cleaned out good.

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If it rubs off it has to be either the propane air mix or the way smoke was made.  soot!

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Check the orifice in the propane jet.  Make sure it isn't blocked.  The metal should all be clean and free of rust.  There may be an adjustment for the amount of air going to the burner.  If you can't find a problem with the burner then I would try a smoke without the wood chunks.  If the wood is just smoldering and not burning it can produce soot.


Another thing to be aware of is sometimes a propane bottle will have some bad gas especially if you are near the bottom of the tank.

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Excellent! Thank you all for all the info. I will check and clean my burner, and get a fresh propane bottle, and give it another try.

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