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Pork Belly Holding Fixture for De Rinding A Pork Belly

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Belly Board 5.JPGBelly Board 3.JPGBelly Board 4.JPGBelly Board 2.JPGHope I do this correctly.


I believe I have come up with a fixture to make skinning the rind off a Pork Belly a whole lot easier. This fixture is easy to make and Since I have only tried it on 1 belly, I will only say for the 1 time it worked great.


I made it from a 3/32 inch thick piece of Stainless steel 10 inch's long and 2 1/2 inch's wide, Hopefully you can see in the pictures, I bent approx 1/2 inch to a 90 degree right angel, and used an ordinary hack saw and cut saw tooth type nitch's in that 1/2 inch side.


I drilled 2 5/16 inch holes in the stainless. I bought a wood cutting board, and drilled & installed 2-- 1/4 inch elevator bolts  in the board to match the holes drilled into the stainless piece.


I also drilled a 1/4 inch hole through the center of a piece of 3/4 inch aluminum dowel and then hack saw cut it on an angel to make 2 angled pices of stock to use on the bolts.


I got the leading edge of the rind on my fresh belly just started peeling back, then I clamped the meat portion of the belly under my holding fixture, and then was able to peel the rind back while the fixture held the meaty section secure to the board.


I hope my photos will show what I am trying to explain here.


Well the pictures arn't in order, But I hope you can understand what I'm doing


RichBelly Board 1.JPG

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Great Idea and build!!!



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Rich, That is COOL! There's your Million Dollar idea!... Try clamping the Belly skin side Down then slide a very sharp knife in at the Clamp end and with the knife at a slight angle facing down toward the skin slowly cut in a short sawing motion, toward the other end letting the Clamp hold your meat steady...This is the same technique for skinning fish...I think you will find the surface of the skinned Belly will be smoother but it will take a little practice to not keep cutting through the skin...JJ


BTW...I forgot to mention that you are clamping the Skin to the board ONLY...The belly will be rolled back as you cut...Sorry...JJ

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Thanks Chef Jimmy J, I will try that on the next chunk of Belly. My local store only had 2 parts of a Belly, I bought both so I could try out my fixture,


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Cool idea.

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Cool idea! 



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Great idea!  Simple, but solves a problem.  Good luck with it.

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Now that is a cool idea but isn't like the catfish skinning thingie. I do think that you might be able to market your play toy as a bellie skin removel kit. The way that pork bellies are quickly becoming the lastest an best new meat thing theses days.

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glad my butcher does this already, one less thing for me to

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Wow that's an awesome idea! You may want to sell them!

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Rich, evening... Love your idea.... It is stored in the "save for later" file....... Dave

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