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Jose after getting the great advise from our resident experts I'd keep it and smoke it. You can always use it for snacks and sandwiches etc it would make some great lunch meat just make sure your wife doesn't eat it

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Originally Posted by josecgomez View Post

LoL WOW, what a heated discussion.

Yes there can be a few of them here, but you will always get good info and no BS


As alblancher said, I am not going to be feeding the ham to my pregnant wife, but after reading all the info and getting the messages from Pops and Jimmy I feel like it would have probably been ok.

IMHO its safe but I also agree with your call to not take the chance, I would do the same thing.


To answer Sprky's  question the reason why I took it out to "warm it up" is because I read in several places that the cure stops working below 38F, (Probably wrong) but since I am new at this I trusted it. I should have come here first, but I didn't know about this forum until I made that mistake and searched for a "meat curing specific forum"

I woundered if you had seen the old/bad info on curing. The net is full of bad info, some down right unsafe. Trust me that meat will cure at lower temps, like I said I brine my turkeys in temps lower then that, and they get the tateltail pink tinge of the cure.


I now know better and if I decide to make another I will follow Pops posts and will be asking lots more questions on here.

Good plane


As far as the ham goes, it is still in my fridge in the brine, I don't have the heart to throw it out just yet. I may smoke it and then feed it to my dog or something since my wife can't eat it. Or maybe i'll smoke it and mail it to albancher LoL

Smoke that bad boy up and make samis, take it to work, dogs will love ya for that.


Either way, I really appreciate all your help and the fast responses, its awesome to see such an active community in such a niche area.


Merry Christmas to all!

Marry Christmas to you and yours


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Great thread!

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Like i mentioned, we went ahead and smoked it, it tastes sooooo good. We ate it, except my wife, it tasted excellent, I baked it (sliced) for about an hour after smoking to make sure it heated through completely and all bacteria if any would die.


Merry Christmas


Smoked Ham

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That is a nice looking ham Jose.


As you have noticed in this thread and in others, we tend to lean a bit heavy on the side of safety.





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