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Venison Sausage - first attempt and room for improvement (Qview)

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It's all ground, seasoned, stuffed.....


I've been reading the threads and understand I need to start low until the sausage is "warm" then heat up until an internal temp of atleast 150.  To get to 150, am I going to set temp about 200?  And at what point do I turn the head "up" to do the final one hour?

I'm using a MES.


I know I'll have to watch the temp pretty closely tomorrow, as it's pretty cold in parts of Oklahoma right now.


Also, water in the pan or no?


Since this is our first attempt, our links aren't too long, most around 6-8 inches.


Thanks in advance!!

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The big question is, did you add cure to your mix?

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Originally Posted by Pops6927 View Post

The big question is, did you add cure to your mix?

yep.......... 2+?=?


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Would you be kind enough to share the recipe so we can get an idea of what you are doing???



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It does have a cure and we used a premixed sausage item that we bought at Academy.  We've separated it all out, and added some ingredients into certain batches (jalapenos, garlic, large cracked pepper).  We mixed the venison with 30% fresh pork fat.

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Starting temp at 200 is too high using cure. Start out at 150 and bump up 10 degrees every hr until IT reaches 155 for snack sticks......160 for sausages



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 In my MES I start out at 100...get it warmed up.


Hang with no smoke for 1 hour..then add smoke.


After an hour  I crank it to 120 then 130 and up 10 degrees for an hour or so.


Depending on the sausage size it takes up to nine hours to get to 150..when I pull it and put in the sink for a cold bath.


Then in front of the fan for an hour then into the fridge uncovered over nite.




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Good advice from Craig!

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Thanks so much for your replies ... just confirming, no water in the pan?


Here are my start pictures.  Getting ready to do another two deer in the next day or so, will take pics of mixing, etc next time. 


Final product pictures to follow once completed.  Thinking I may wait until tomorrow to smoke - busy day planned, not sure I can babysit them today.










In the smoker - 100 degrees to bring to temp for an hour (it's in the 40's outside, and I've had them on the counter for about an hour from the fridge).  Timer set for one hour and then will bump it up.  Good news is, before I could get to my kitchen cabinet, my husband and son just finished processing a doe from yesterday and are heading into the woods again today.  We have about 45 lbs of meat (cubed) in the fridge.  Will go buy fresh pork fat tomorrow and decide how much into sausage this way and how much into pan sausage.




8 hours in - 141 internal temp, smoker at 160 (fluctuating hot to 165).  When I opened it, there was lots of fluid in the casings, fat I'm guessing (flavor I'm hoping, lol).





9 1/2 hours - pulled at temps ranging from 151 to 158.  Cooled in the sink with ice and then getting ready to dry with the fan.




Problems I see:

Some have entirely too much fat gross as it sounds, some of it was like popping a big ole zit (must have a strong stomach and a sense of humor icon_wink.gif)


Seriously - flavor is okay, shrinkage occured so the casings are loose, fatty pockets.... so much room for improvement






Husband love it, that's what is important, right?!!

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Yep, no water in the pan. The MES is great, you won't be babysitting. Just follow the temp instructions fpnmf posted, you'll do fine. 

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Yepper start out low and then go up and your'll have to great stix and sausages. You have a couple of the best sausage makers giving advice so run with it. Then go clean your camera lens  JK. Now you folks sound like a sausage making machine goin on there now.

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Thanks so much for your replies ... just confirming, no water in the pan?


Yep, no water... The reason is, you want the outside of the meat to be dry before smoke is added..The smoke penetrates better and I think smoke and water have a sour taste which is not good... I spray down my sausage with hot water when removed from the smoker to remove any fat that may have seeped out of the casings from the holes I poked in them... then a cold water spray and dry before refridgeration.... Dave

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