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My newest experiment......

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I am once again endeavoring to improve upon my Pork-U-Pine.  My latest experiment is to take some of my favorite flavors and combine them within a pork loin--two kinds of cheese, hot links, and baby spinach.  Here is the list of ingredients:

1- whole pork loin (approx. 9.5 lbs.)

1- 5 oz. wedge of Asiago cheese

1- 5 oz. wedge of Romano cheese

2- hot links from the local butcher

2- handfuls of baby spinack leaves

5- heaping TBSP's of my secret seasoning (a mixture consisting predominantly of Serendipity and Head Country seasonings mixed together)


This is a little fuzzy, but here is the meat and spinach:



I combined the spinach, cheese, hot links, and seasonings into a food processor and grind it until  it almost turns "pasty"











I then slice the loin into three sections and slice into the end of the loin, nearly to the opposite ends and almost to the edges horizontally.  Then, I begin stuffing in the mixture.  When the loin is full, I tightly tie the end closed in hopes of keeping the cheese inside and also forcing the fat of the hot link into loin rather than running out the sliced end of the loin.








The one on the right was probably stuffed too full.  I had used up all of my twine and purchased two packages at the store recently.  The new twine kept breaking when I would try to tie the end tightly.  I tied the right one two directions in hopes of holding the mixture in.  Tomorrow morning, it will be rubbed on the outside and cooked.  I will smoke it for about an hour and a half  to get a good smoke on it.  Then, it will be panned and covered until it reaches final temp.  Which ever loin looks the worst will be sacrificed for taste testing.  If it passes muster, the other two will be going to the in-laws for Christmas.  I'll post more pics tomorrow.




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Sounds and looks tasty.  Can't wait to see the results tomorrow popcorn.gifpepsi.gif.



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pepsi.gif110.gif I'll bet that is going to be good 

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Great start!

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Hi Bruce it's been awhile. I see that you are still up to some fine foods. I can't wait to see how theses come out.

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Hey, Mark!  Yea, I haven't been on here much--never did get used to the new format for the forum.  The biggest deal is my ISP at my shop.  It is only slightly better than dial-up.  With all the ads here now, it takes forever to load a page.  My buddy Stonebriar keeps me up to date on the forum and gets me back on from time to time.


I'll let you all know how it turns out this evening.  It should be good!  My brother is cooking hams and other things for lots of folks for Christmas.  Last count, there were almost 40 hams, 5 pork loins, and (I think) a couple of racks of ribs.  He is doing the smoke over three days using only half of the space on his smoker. 


I'll post pics this evening.  Hope it turns out well.

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Those look like the start of something very good. Did you consider wrapping at least one in a bacon weave? We cannot wait to see the finished product!

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Those look like future deliciousness to me.

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Mid-smoke--loins are panned up and are at 144 currently.  Should be done just after the noon hour here in OK.  I'll post other Q-view this evening along with a full report.


Stonebriar, no I don't intend on ever putting a bacon weave on one of my loins again.  I tried it, didn't care for it.  Just a personal preference.  BTW, your Bandera is rusting--better get a different smoker.....


p.s.  when can I have my smoked pepperjack??drool.gif

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Wow!  My first look at the smoker 77.gif.  That looks like a submarine on wheels!  VERY impressive.  You could round up an entire herd and get them inside.  Makes my GOSM look pretty puny.  



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It is an old anhydrous ammonia nurse tank used for fertilizer application by farmers.  18 ft. long with the fire box in the middle--essentially two smokers in one.  It was my brother's brain child based off of a design originated by my dad.  It works really well.

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After devouring most of the test sample, here is the final report.  All in all, I was happy with the final product.  The only thing I would have done differently is cut back on the seasoning a bit.  It was a little saltier than I like.  I have that problem with the Serendipity--I always seem to use too much.  Here are the pics:


Going on the grill





The process:  About 1.5 hours in:




After 2 hours, panning them up:




Internal temp @ pan time:




Grill temp:




One more degree!




The finished product:






Nice smoke ring!




All in all, another great smoke!  Final tally for the smoker from Saturday, yesterday and today:  37 hams, 7 pork loins, 2 racks of spare ribs, and 1 turkey breast.  The smoker was never completely full.......th_crybaby2.gif Gotta work on that!icon_wink.gif

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Those came out great! They look amazing! I might have to try that sometime soon! Thanks for posting this!

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37 hams, 7 pork loins, 2 racks of spare ribs, AND A PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE!!!  Yet the smoker was never completely full.  That beautiful smoker is bigger than my first apartment.  Excellent work though!!!

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Very nice smoke, Dirt Guy and older Brother! You two set the mark for Novices like me. Yes, your Smoked Pepperjack is vacuum sealed and ready for you. Rest time will be complete by Christmas Day. I might even have a little Smoked Extra Sharp Cheddar for you too...

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Excellent!  Just excellent.


Have you ever thought about doing a big smoke? biggrin.gif


Good luck and good smoking.

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I've thought about it, Merv.  But, not sure I could handle it.  We'll do our company party on the 30th.  It will consist of 30 +\- racks of ribs, two briskets, 3 pork loins, beans, hot links, and possibly a potato casserole.  I wonder what qualifies as a "big" smoke.....33.gif

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  Those pork loins look Awesome!  I am inspired.




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A friend that doesn't really care for "additives" with his loins tried a slice.  He was really impressed.  He said that the flavor was different than anything he'd ever associated with a pork loin but he really liked it.  He's been certified to be a KCBS judge for local contests, too.  When trying one of my brother's ribs, he said it was a perfect rib--just the right pull before coming off the bone clean, great texture and flavor.  However, coming out of a foil pan sitting on top of the wood stove, no points for presentation.biggrin.gif

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