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Making some Pulled Pork Pizza

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Have some pulled pork left over from the weekend and decided on Pizza


Made some dough, spread it with home made Marinara sauce with garden tomatoes, sauteed some onions and bell pepper, tossed on a bit of cheese and then topped with pulled pork and Parmesan cheese




Waiting for the oven to get to 450 and then in it goes!







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Can't wait to see that beauty all bubbly drool.gif


Pulled Pork and Parmesan..............................MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Out the oven






I'd show you some after dinner shots but there is none left.  Excellent pizza, pulled pork is a tremendous topping

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Looks great from here AL drool.gificon14.gif

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Looks great.  For a change you might want to try using BBQ sauce instead of marinara.  Great job.

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Thanks guys,


BBQ sauce?  That may be something to try!

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That is some good looking pizza!!  I used to work in a pizza shop way back in the day, we had a bbq pizza it had a light bbq sauce commercial "bbq" pork.  It was awesome when we added some red onion, pineapple and bacon bits. 

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That sounds like a great idea BC, i love pineapple and PP !!

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very nice sounds really good.

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That does look very good, well done

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Thanks Guys and it is so easy


If you have never made bread before pizza dough is a good start.  Simple and very forgiving.

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I make bread and dough and it is easy. Home made pizzas are te best you can make them with as much or little toppings and everything else. Nice job there Al you pizza looks yuumO

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Very nice!

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Pulled Pork Pizza. Great idea. I do a lot of home made pizza, but I haven't tried the pork. Also I do a lot of pizza in my Weber gas grill. Very tasty and the possibilities are almost endless with different toppings.


Looks great, I will have to try the pulled pork for sure.

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Looks-Great.gifAnother 1 to add to the to do list

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What recipe do you guys use for your dough?


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Pizza dough

2/3 c warm water

1t yeast

½ t sugar

combine and proof

2T olive oil

2c flour

kneed till smooth let rise 1 hr

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Thanks al!

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Man i almost missed it Al it looks so yummy that pizza is for diner tomorrow

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