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First Smokehouse

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Well after repeatedly looking at all the smokehouses on here, I couldn't resist.  I had to buil a smokehouse.  Still somewhat of a work in progress...

Smoker 022.JPG

Smoker 027.JPGSmoker 028.JPG

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Looks good so far. Keep us posted.

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Looks great! Wish I had the room for one here!

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Just curious,  what type of building is it in?  The way it is built I'd sure hate to see it catch fire and take the garage with it!  Since you have wood possibly exposed to an open flame (like the lower hanger dowels that are charred) you may have to keep a hose handy!

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Now thats a nice looking smoke house you have built. Now let's see it smoke.

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Nice...Looks like Pops clone..



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let me also point out the block on the bottom... If they are not fire block they will more than likely crack and break from the heat... GL with the smoke house
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alblancher - it sits outside on my patio.  There's about a foot and a half between the smokehouse and the outside wall of the house.  The beams that look charred are actually metal.  The dowels up top are wood, but I figured the lower ones closer to the heat were probably better off being metal.


JckDanls07 - Thanks for the heads up, I actually didn't think about the blocks cracking.  These are just cinder blocks from home depot.  I will have to keep an eye on it!


I plan on finishing the outside with some type of wood planks or siding, just to make it look better.


Thanks for looking!

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What is the heat source?

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Right now the heat source is just an electric heating element and wood chips.  I've only smoked cheese, jerky, and ribs in it so far.  I need to add another heating element to get the temps up so I can start smoking other things.  I want to start getting into sausage making and hopefully the smokehouse will work good for that.  But I would like to be able to get the temps up high enough so I can smoke several turkeys or briskets for thanksgiving and christmas parties for work.  It seems like alot of people on this site use gas burners for their heat source in their smokehouses.  I'm open to any ideas for heat sources if anyone has any suggestions.  The only thing that worries me about using propane is it seems like it would go through a lot of propane when smoking and I would need to refill the propane tank alot.

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