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I am thinking about building a RF smoker from a 100 g. propane tank. Is there a formula to figure the dimensions of the fire box. I suppose I should inquire about the size of tank to use, the 100 looks good to me, but it's only for my personal use, for family, for friends ( probably not over 50 ), so can you cook a small item ( 1 pork shoulder ) as well as enough for a large gang?

I have made little of my welding experience in another thread but I had worked in the frame shop at International Truck,  so I have done a lot of cutting, and welding but it was always the same thickness of steel welded together. We used a tig welder. Now if I am going to look for a welder that will do this job, what would I be looking for? I'm retired and money is tight, I suppose it will have to be a stick welder though I have never used one. What ever I get will need to be used.

Any advise is welcome and would be appreciated.

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Is it a 100 gal tank or a 100 lbs tank?


Here is a calculator you can use to make your life a lot easier in the construction phase of the build.


Good luck and post lots of pics!

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Thank you for the calculator. I haven't fully decided yet on what size it will be, I like the looks of a 100 Gal, tank but have not seen one in person to get a better idea of what I want. It seems to me that a person would be better off with larger than smaller just because smoking isn't like throwing a burger on the grill, for the size of crowd I am cooking for I had better have enough room so that I will have enough to feed everyone there, like I said probably no more than 50 people.

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Madd fox, Depending on the type of metal and the thickness will be the factor when buying a welding machine…..There are machines at places like Home Depot that are very reasonable…..what I did was have a “Pig Tail” made-up to go from my dryer to my welding machine with a long enough extra heavy duty cord to reach my welding area outside my back porch…..Hope this helps

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Thanks shoneyboy

After some thought, I think I understand what you are saying. Appairntly you have an electric dryer ( 220 ) that you hooked into to get the power for your welder. Am I close and does your wife know about it? LOL

Nothing in my house has that kind of voltage so I would have to get a 220 V line run into my garage. Maybe Bob, my neighbor has some 220 he isn't using.

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