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Smoked some cheese

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DSC04420.JPGDSC04426.JPGWell peeps everybody was talkin about an I had to have it. I've been kicking around different idea's off an on for a while now and pulled the trigger on the amps.  Recieved it Saturday morning and smokeing cheese by 2pm. Used 4 different kinds pepper jack, colby, monty j, an mozzarella. Didn't put a heavy smoke just a good kiss worth useing apple pellets. The smoker worked with out a hicup and couldn't be happier. Lot's an lots of cold smokeing in my future i'm so excited. Just like a little kid at Christmas. Here's a few pics of the trial run.

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Remember   cheese is better when put away in the fridge for a while.  Much better next week then the day it comes off the smoker!  Congrates, this stuff is good  cut up in salads, melted and used in dips or just chunked up for snacks while watching the bowl games

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Looks good!

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Hey Mike that looks like it came out great. Just bag it up and wait a couple of weeks to try it. The longer you wait the better it gets. I have some that is 6 months old and it is really nice at that age. 

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Thanks guys it's all vac packed and in the frig waiting 4 new years eve. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Great Job!

Color is perfect!!





No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks Todd,  You have another satisfied customer cheers.gif

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Looks good!


Yes, Todd's devices have opened new worlds to many of us.


My neighbors' Christmas gifts are a work in progress.  Their cheese is smoked and aging now.  Their Canadian Bacon is curing in the fridge for a Wednesday smoke.


The little AMNS is getting a workout this time of year.  Thanks Todd!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Your cheeses look good and they say that you should let them rest for a couple of weeks to get the best out flavor out of the smoking.

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