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Bark or no bark?

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I have a large amount of oak on my property and the other day I grabbed a fallen branch which was 3" or so in diameter at the large end.  Today I cut the branch into chunks and split the larger pieces for the smoker.  On some of the branch there is still the bark on the wood.  My question is can I leave this bark on or do I need to remove it before using it in the smoker?


Thanks for the help.



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If the wood is dry the  bark is not a problem.  If it's falling off then let it but don't go through any trouble removing it.

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Leave it on.

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Gee .... when I saw the header I thought it was gonna be another episode of the "Great Foiling Debate".


Leave the bark on.



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It will do fine both ways

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It really doesn't matter but I personally would remove it.

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Okay, I'm not going to worry about it.  


And Craig, I figured someone would look at the title and think the same thing - more discussion on foiling or not!


Have a great week guys.



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