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turkey breast and chicken q-view

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Hi - Thanks to all your suggestions and advice, my turkey breast and chicken quarters and chicken breasts turned out great! I brined the turkey breast for 5 hours in Slaughterhouse Brine, then seasoned and kept in the fridge overnight. I didn't brine the chicken...just seasoned and put in the fridge overnight. I used the Amazing Pellet smoker gadget for the first time, and it worked great. Perfect TBS with no work on my part. Gotta love that.


Smoked the turkey breast at 240ish in my MES 40 for about 5 hours, to 170, and the chicken for about 2.5 hours. They all came out great! I didn't get a pic of the carved meat, but here are a couple of other pics for you. Thanks for your help!

Here is the poultry in the MES, after about 4 hours.

chicken leg quarters and chicken breasts. Not sure why they didn't get darker on the outside, but they tasted great. We don't eat the skin, so we just give it to the dogs. They liked it.

Here's the turkey breast. It was really juicy. Definitely going to brine from now on!

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Looks Great!!!!!

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Thanks! Not sure why it didn't get browner...especially the chicken...but it all tasted really good.

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Makin my mouth water yum....drool.gif

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Looks great and I bet it smells great too. Your sticks under the breast gave me an idea to prevent my salmon from sticking to the grills when I smoke it.


Good job!

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It sure looks good from here!


Nice job!

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Great turkey nice and juicy

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Looks awesome to me. I can see a couple of really good sammies in your future.

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