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Beef Ribeye Roast - Into The Smoker

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Well, its my birthday celebration today. (actual bday is the 20th).


I went out a bought a beef ribeye roast, made a rub with a secret blend of spices and a little wine. Got the smoker all ready to go, and  in she went. 


I'm going to cook it till it is med rare, let it rest and the dive in.


Here is the qview of the prepped meat. 



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Oh Baby your off to a Great start...Ill be keeping a eye on this one!!!drool.gif

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Mmmmm this is gonna be some fine prime.  What internal temp do you consider med. rare?  I would error on the rare side cause it is easy to toss on a grill for a few if you need to.

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Im planning on pulling it out at 135 degrees. Resting it should hit 145, so that is just above medium. My wife is a med-done lady, and i am happy anywhere with med-rare or medium.



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What wood are you using. 

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Bet it will be good. Looks like a fine start.

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No secrets allowed here.  PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif


What's the spice rub?  drool.gif

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Ok, Ok, Ill spill the secret....


- Ms. Dash Table blend

- Ms. Dash Original Blend

- Paprika

- Garlic powder

- Seasoning Salt

- Parsley


Mix those together, a touch of wine to make a paste (i used white zifendale)


I used Hickory wood on this one. I need to get some different woods to try out.


I pulled it out at 135, wrapped in foil for 10 min, then cut into it. 


Here is the Qview of the finished.





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That Looks Fantastic!!!!drool.gif

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It tasted fantastic too. 


I want more, but I am SOOOO Full

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Lookin good!

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The roast looks delicious!


It's definitely prime rib season!

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Awesome is all I can say    icon14.gif

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Looks great if you are full you can send some my way

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Oh man, I want some for breakfast!!!




Thanks for the rub recipe.  I will add it to my Spice Rub File.

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First off Happy Brthday to you. Now I know your gonna love that steak cause it looks awesome.

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Thanks guys, 


It was good for sure. 

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I'm impressed! I don't think I have the nerve to try that - yet - but it looks worth a try someday.


Oh - Happy Birthday!!!

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Great job on the PRdrool.gificon14.gif






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Looks-Great.gifth_blowing-out-candles-emoticon.gifHappy birthday

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