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sausage maker

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I came across a 50lbs sausage smoke house. The guy is a friend of my sis, and he said he would sell it to me for 550, it is only 2 yrs old. He paid 2100 canadian when he bought it. Any one ever use it, can any one tell me about it.
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well i will do you one better, here is the direct link from the sausage maker web site.

this is the exact one he has.
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Your link is non functional.  Goes to a blank page.  need more info!

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ok link works now
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if you don't i will... you will have to have a 220v receptacle wired up ... or hard wire it
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i willplug it in to my welder plug
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Don't know any thing about this smoker. But it looks like a darn well made 1, and ill bet it will put out some darn good Q

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I buy all my sausage stuff from the sausagemaker. Everything I have bought has been very good quality. I think this is a great deal & I would jump on it!

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For this price man it is a good deal i will go for it if i can see sausage making in the future.

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Well your talking $1000 off the original price so yes it is a bargain. Looks to be well built and commercial quality. I dont agree with the 50 lbs sausage smoke house though. If you were to hang 50 lbs of sausage in it, it would be a pretty tight fit.... I can hang 60lbs in my smoker but I found Ideal smoking results with only 30 lbs keeping the sausages away from each other for even smoking and even temps. I found that it takes longer period of time to smoke a filled smoker which causes the meat closest to the heat source over cook and shrivel while the top of the sausage is trying to reach temp......


Good luck and happy smoking



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Yup, It's a good buy

Pony up the cash and don't look back




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Now the link unit looks great and it's sounds like a great deal so I say go for it.

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