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Dry-Aged Sirloin Roast w/ help from Chef JimmyJ

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I'm just getting around to posting this smoke from the first of November, dry-aging and making the jus were a first for me, ...we have the benefit of learning from some great chefs and cooks here at SMF so I must give credit where it is do to Chef JimmyJ for walking me through it, with all the excellent help we have here I have gone from carbonizing meat to surprising myself with the tasty results of what comes of of my smoker and grill.


Started out with a 11 pound Silver Farms farm raised New Zealand rumsteak (sirloin roast) rubbed with Montreal Steak Seasoning and into the fridge to dry-age.



Sirloin Roast 007.jpg



Here it is out of the fridge, the seasoning was absorbed into the meat, we don't have cheese cloth so I used pareo cloth to wrap it with, worked fine.


Sirloin Roast 005.jpg


Chef JimmyJ said to let the veggies smoke dry for an hour before adding the liquid to intensify the smoke flavor, ...this is interesting, BunnyLov Baby carrots from my home town of Bakersfield, CA, celery from Salinas, Ca, yellow onions from Washington state and some kind of re-hydrated 'shrooms from China, here they are soaking up some mango and Hickory  (chunks from Ace hardware) smoke in my WSM, ...talk about an international smoke!


Sirloin Roast 001.jpg


This is the strange part, ...put the roast on with an IT of 53°, dome temp of 250° and grate temp of 235°, while I was waiting the hour to add the liquid the IT climbed to 90° in 38 minutes, at the 1 hour mark I added the liquids set the vents and waited to make certain the temp held steady. Thinking I had a 6-7 hour smoke Mrs JPT and I went to the store, when we came back the roast had been in the smoker less than 4 hours (3 3/4) and the IT was at 148°, here is the roast out of the WSM.


Sirloin Roast 008.jpg


Here's the jus, smelled and tasted good.


Sirloin Roast 009.jpg


Sliced off some meat for some French dips, beautiful color, excellent flavor, it was the first time using hickory and we like the taste.


Sirloin Roast 013.jpg


Here's a close up for all of you that want to drool.


Sirloin Roast 014.jpg


Not much of a smoke ring, but it sure was good, sorry no plated pics, it smelled so good we were picking at the slices, I strained the jus and put some in a small bowl, sliced a baguette  and we ate it just like that.


I was using my Maverick for IT and my Thermopen to verify the temps, boiled some water and they both tested good, just goes to show all pieces of meat are different, ...a 11 pound Sirloin Roast with an IT of 148° in 3 3/4 hours and, ....I will be dry-aging again in the future, it sure was good.


Thank you Chef JimmyJ and all the rest of you that have taught me so much and made my smoking experience enjoyable and thanks for looking at my Q-view,



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Thats going to make for some delicious sammies Gene. You said you smoked it in november or did you age it from noverber till now and just smoked.....


Looks great



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Awesome Gene!...I was really looking forward to your pics on this one...I was happy to help...JJ

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Thanks Joe, I aged it for 3 1/2 days, put it in the fridge Tuesday night and smoked it Saturday morning, Mrs JPT was dubious about eating meat left in the fridge, so that is why the short dry-aging time, next one I'll leave longer and see how it tastes, with just that short amount of time the meat flavor was stronger, ...if that is the correct terminology.


JimmyJ my friend, sorry it took so long, but here it is, turned out just like you said it would, ...I'll be dry-aging all of my large cuts of beef from now on.



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Great job Gene I think it's roast beef sammie season around here! 

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That looks awesome!

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drool.gifLooks-Great.gif. Another to do added to my list........lol       One of these days I'll get caught up on my to do list, might take a long time with all this drool.gif q-view i keep seeing. 

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Thought about dry curing but the way that I am doing it now is so good that I thought If it ain't broke don't fix it.

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I agree Al, posting this has me wanting to take some out of the freezer for tonight, thanks.


Thanks, Dave.


Sprky, thanks and welcome to the addiction, ...you can cut that list in half with two smokers, in thirds with three, I have two smokers and a grill, .......and three refrigerators, ...just saying.   grilling_smilie.gif


Smokin, that's cool, do it the way you like it, however, ...I fix it even if it ain't broke, ...then sometimes I get to fix it again.    biggrin.gif




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Another great job, Gene!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looks great Gene. I really need to try aging some meat sometime. thanks for sharing the Q-view


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Great job and ya cant go wrong with JJ.  Nice pics

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Great Looking Roast Gene


Little horsey sauce on mine please?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Looks like you have sammies for days! Nice job. I need to try the aging thing.

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it looks great it will make a yummy Italian Sammie's

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Looks great Gene!  I should not read this forum before breakfast.  I am drooling!


I dry age my ribeye roasts all the time.  It really makes a difference.  Anyone nervous about doing it should try it with a cheaper cut and see. 

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Now that looks AWESOME Now maybe I'll try it but I've been saying that for along time.

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Gene you totally rocked this one.  This whole process is cool. Congrats on another great post   

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Great job Gene icon14.gif


I've read a little about the dry aged beef, just haven't pulled the trigger yet biggrin.gif


Yours looks great


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Gene you have out done yourself.drool.gif

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