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Cinnamon Maple Ham?

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All right Ladies and Gents I am going to try my hand at ham for the second time. My first one turned out absolutely awesome.  For my first ham I injected brine and wet cured with TQ and brown sugar. (Wet cure was same as injection).  It can be seen here
But now I am ready to play around with some flavours any and all ideas are welcome and will be considered. Today I am going to cure an 8.77 lb ham. I am thinking about adding some maple syrup instead of brown sugar (what do you think), and some cinnamon sticks. I will probably add a touch of garlic and onion powder. The sticks I plan to grind so they can be injected with the rest of the mixture. I intend to simmer these ingredients together prior to adding the TQ so I have some idea of taste before the salt over powers everything. Was thinking about adding some cloves too but am unsure on that one.
I am planning to cure this ham around 1pm so plenty of time to toss me some ideas
thanks in advance for any and all help
and here's a couple pic's just cause we love em 
The weapon. The needles on this are 5.5" so no problem injecting large pieces of meat. It also comes with a slanted tip needle for any injections carrying small herb and spice particles (I love this thing)
And the Victim I left the skin on cause I just love crispy skin
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Seeing how your first turned out I think this one could possibly top it. Let us know how it comes out and keep the Q-view rolling biggrin.gif

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Great start!


I love the injector too!

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