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Large batch of Peppers

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So I decided to make some chipolte chili powder as it is just too expensive to buy at 20 bucks a bottle now. So i bought 10 pounds of Jalapenos a pound of habaneros and a bunch of Thai Chili peppers that im going to smoke down then make a habanero chili flakes and some paste for cooking with.... I am using miskette pellets in my amnps as well as the fire box. I'm going for a heavy smoke on these.....DSC_5121.JPGDSC_5120.JPG

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Sounds like a plan!

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habaneros are finishing up in the Excalibur right now..... Then they will be ground down to flakes and powder for a xmas gift......

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were gonna need more pics of the rest of the process

sounds like a good idea

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DSC_5122.JPGOk here are some photos of the 1lb of smoked habaneros in the excalibur as well

as 2 trays og jalapenos.



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Just a word of warning (from experience) Do not grind the Habaneros indoors and wear a dust mask when grinding.

A slight puff of wind when you have the grinder open in the wrong direction and you have just been pepper sprayed.


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I will will wear my regulator and goggles, I think I would rather be pepper sprayed than habenero sprayed.... i might just send them over and let my cousin and his buddy ruin thier grinder.....

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NOW that's a batch of peppers. Looks-Great.gif

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decided to just foodsave the habaneros and took to my cousin and told him to mess upo his grinder, now on to the chipolte peppers, to grind.....

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They look great. I love chipotle peppers and for some reason never thought about making my own. Thanks for the info, especially not grinding indoors. Now I need an adobo sauce recipe.


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