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New Fridge Smoker

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Started out the new unit smoking 22lbs of cheese for friends for the holidays. Used the A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker.IMG00221-20111215-1721.jpgIMG00226-20111215-2127.jpg

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Looks like the smoker is working just fine. Did you just run the AMNS and not any heat? That is usually what I do.

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Ya, it is working great, very pleased, just ran the AMNS, no heat. That little thing gets after it. I can't believe the smoke the thing puts out.

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Looking good I hope I am on your list LOL what are all the different cheeses you have there?? Can't wait to see end results

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Looking great man - both the smoker and the cheese

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Nice smoker. Looks like you could do 66 lbs of cheese in that baby.


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Nice smoker and yes those things really do work good also. Now just have to wait for the cheese s to finish n the frig.

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Great Job!!

What's on the list next to smoke?


I found your fridge build





No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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That's a fine looking smoker, how bout a few more photo's!

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Great looking smoker!  Did you build your smoke stack or buy it? 




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Ok Men, Just got back in from the deer lease, packed a nice doe in the fridge for more good smoking. Also had a twelve pac of Ultra and 5 lbs of cheese to smoke for a friend in my fridge. I like his payment, nice way to close out the weekend. Hey driedstick we had cheddar, colby, pepper jack, mozzarella, guda, and I know my spelling sucks. Pops, we built it, stack and the damper inside. I have a metal guy that lives behind us, that helps out a lot. Big Al there are more pics of the build right under this thread. as for pics of the cheese it came off around midnight. The guys don't even wait to let it cure any they are eating it up. Todd  I will be stuffing snack sticks, summer sausage and brats Tuesday and on to smoke with the A-MAZ-N Pellet Smoker on Thursday. Then a little roast beef for the Christmas weekend. You guys have a great today, awesome week and a MERRY CHRISTMAS. "UP IN SMOKE" from Texas. 

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Yeah kinda figured you built it.  I'm just starting my build, will upload pictures once i get rollin, and will probably have my metal guy build mine.



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Pops it the only way to go. Mine has about a 5" x 5" plate on the bottom of it so I ran it up thru from the inside. It gave me a good way to seal it off from the inside also close around the stove pipe itself. 

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