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Nice color on the loin and your chuckie is calling me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I never done a chuckie. I always seen them done here but to me they are a tuff piece of meat. Do they soften up after smoking or is it the right fat content fir some juicy flavors.... A guy down the streets grills chuckroasts all the time and his jaws have muscles........ Your chuckie looks nice and tender and your pork shoulders look great



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Awesome smoke Al!


Everything looks sooooo delicious!

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Thanks guys


Joe,  I think if chuckies where a bit less expensive I would cook them instead of butts when I have to feed a bunch of people.  These came out real tender with in my opinion a better flavor then butts.  I'll be honest, this was one of the very few smokes I have done that everything came out the way I like it.   Just need to remember that it is easy to overcook and dry out the loin,  the chuck roasts cook a lot faster then you would think and don't be afraid to take a stalled butt off the smoker, put it in the oven with the temp alarm set and go to bed.  16 hours is a long time to hang around in front of a smoker when the weather is getting chilly!

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Same thoughts here with a stalled butt... I also dont see the sense in burning up and wasting wood when the butt has been smoked for several hrs.... I feel theres nothing wrong when moving it to a oven to finish.... In the oven it goes and i set the thermo alarm and its off to la la land...........

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I've had the pleasure of meeting you in person Joe,  we both need our BEAUTY sleep!

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