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Holiday Party Smoke 2011

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Doing two 4.5lb choice brisket flats, 15lbs worth of Pork Butt, and 8lbs of baby back ribs.


Started the brisket and pork butt tonight a little before 1am.


photo (2).JPG

Brisket Flats


photo (3).JPG

Pork Butt


Ribs will go on around noon.


  -- Lee

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Nice start.  I've got 20+ lbs. of butt planned for our annual Christmas Eve party.  Good luck with the smoke.  Keep us informed with photos!



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Good luck, waiting to see lots of Q-veiws

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Looks like a great start Lee!

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Yepper your are off to a great start I'll be back.

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Great start good luck with the cook icon14.gif

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I'm in for some "Q" popcorn.gif

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Here is a 7am update:


photo (4).JPG


I hope to be able to pull them around noon. The temps on the smoker were a little on the low side overnight, so now I'll up the temp and finishing them out so I can get the robs on.


Thinking now whether I should smoke some beans as well. Guests are bringing sides and desserts, so we may not _need_ the beans.


  -- Lee

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I pulled the pork butts after 10 hours (forgot to take pics).


The briskets took a little longer. Here they are before wrapping:


photo (6).JPG


photo (5).JPG



Prepping the ribs now.


  -- Lee

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Whats the address?439.gifLooks-Great.gif  We''ll all be there!!!!!laugh1.gif

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man it looks like you are right on track hope everything turns out great for you


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