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Thanks for the great idea. tried them last night for a gathering very impressive. will try italian sausage next.

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Made the pork shots for noshing late after the big Xmas Eve dinner earlier in the day. The recipe is great and they turned out good but I'll do it differently next time.


First, I used a thick cut bacon. Not a good idea. It tasted good but it was so thick that it didn't really shrink up tight around the kielbasa. Second, after I had made them all up but before I cooked them, my wife decided we had too much food for dinner and asked that we wait and serve them later. I put the tray in the fridge but the moisture in the sausage and bacon dissolved the brown sugar and half of my "shots" ended up as "1/4 shots."


They still tasted good but I know I can do better.


Thanks again for the recipe.

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great idea !!!!!!!!! icon14.gif icon14.gif

copy this to my evernote file

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WOW!      77.gif

I have got to try some of these

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