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what should I get? (Royall 1000 or BGE)???

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Hey guys......Ok, I have an opportunity locally, to pick up a couple of smokers both at really good prices.  I don't need both, so not sure which one to get.  I have a friend of mine selling his large BGE, no cracks, everything in good condition for $400........then there is a guy locally who is selling his Royall 1000 pellet pooper.  He's asking $425 for it.  I currently have 2 WSM' which one of these units do you think I should get?  I know the BGE keps great temps and such, but I've always been curious about the ease of use with the pellet smokers.  Any thoughts, or input would be great            Dan

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These are (2) very different smokers......

The Royal 1000 is an entry level pellet smoker, and really is limited on features

There is no digital temp control, so you basically have Low, Medium and high

IMHO...You won't be happy with it's "Limited" performance


A large Green Egg for $400 is a good deal

What extras does he have with it?


If you have (2) WSM's, I find it hard to believe you could produce any better food in either the Royal or BGE!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Todd...I totally understand about them being very different...ALL of my units are..I currently have a MES 30, a WSM 18.5 and 22.5....and now looking to add one of the two of these to my arsenal of smokers. Don't ask me why, I just like smokers. :)


The BGE comes with a rolling cradle, place setter, chicken cooker, and 2 racks ad a cover.


I like the idea of putting a BBQ guru onto the egg, and smoking OR being able to sear a good steak at 700F.


However, I like the idea of the sort of "set it and forget" of the pellet pooper.  I understand I can ad a fully digital controller now to the Royal 1000 for about $150 at some point as well.




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The BGE is the better buy.


The steak  burner alone is awesome.


Makes all kinds of great food  ...  like pizza.


The guru attachment is fairly cheap too.



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I agree - BGE all the way you can do so much with it. I don't like them as a sole source because of the cracking but you have a whole arsenal if that happens. 

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For $400 bucks the BGE is full of win!

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I haven't heard of the Royall but I do a few folks that own eggs and they swear by them. So I would recommend the eggs especially for that prices

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