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I'm going to make my 2nd batch of smoked sausage.First time I used burger and pork butt,I cut up the butt and mixed the burger in and used the cure.Finished product came out good.Heres my question can I do it the same or should I grind all the meat then mix in the cure or can I do it the same as before?
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Feel like sharing the recipe?



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Craig I'm a noob and use high mountain polish sausage kit no recipe just follow instructions lol
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Thank you!!




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As long as all the meat gets all the cure you're good to go. But just so I understand you cubed the pork added the burger then added the spice/ cure... I'm assuming you ground it again to grind the pork? No problems that I see....except you seem to repeat your self a lot .........laugh1.gif

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It's a personal preference. I grind all the meat then mix in the cure with the spices & let it sit in the fridge overnight then stuff it. But that's just me.

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At the risk of being repetitive here?


You will be fine.


However, if your formulation calls for encapsulated citric acid, that should be added after grinding and during the mixing process.


Good luck and good smoking.

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