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I'm going to make my 2nd batch of smoked sausage.First time I used burger and pork butt,I cut up the butt and mixed the burger in and used the cure.Finished product came out good.Heres my question can I do it the same or should I grind all the meat then mix in the cure or can I do it the same as before?
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Either way will work.



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As said above, that will work.


If the recipe calls for encapsulated citric acid, that should be added after the grind and during the mixing process.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I would grind then mix but you can mix and then grind either way is good as long as it all gets mixed up well.

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Yep what they said....

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As usual good advice for my questions thats why I keep comin back to this site.Thanks all
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Don't forget the Qview 

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Originally Posted by africanmeat View Post

Don't forget the Qview 

Great response Ahron.....................icon14.gif



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