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Paprika Hendl

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Interesting!! ...and the dish looks so tasty! Thanks for the info and for the Qview!!

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I have to agree with Jeanie "interesting" to say the least. You always make some different and intriguing dishes for sure. Now this one is right up there.

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many, many thanks ~ this one is really a grerat cold-weather dish - the literary and historical tie-ins are just an added bonus! i hope some folks are able to give this a try, and report on results.



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When I saw the subject line/title, I knew it was one of your posts before I saw your screen name.  Another excellent looking dish, and step by step.  I've saved this one to my Evernote files!


Thanks for another delicious post.

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This is a favorite in our house, but I have never tried using V8. I have always browned the chicken in Bacon Fat and used Chix Broth. Like you I start and finish the dish with Paprika. Great Post...JJ

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this is a good one, guys ~ guaranteed results, as with most of the ones i try to post.


jimmy - the bacon fat is of course a great way to go ~ if i were to buy boneless/skinless chicken for this, bacon fat would be my choice! the v8 works very well to put a whole new dimension on it, some real depth.

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