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1946 Servel natural gas frig

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Hello SMF..........I have an opportunity to pic up a 1946 Serval frig the type with a cast iron boiler for next to nothing and was wondering if this is the box for me. I have been looking for a box to build my "perfect smoker" and came across this. I'm unable to check it out until i return from my job but the owner says its in great shape he just wants it to go away........Any thought or question i can ask when i go and check it out would be greatly appreciated.....

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You will just have to check it out and see if it fits your needs...Good luck  do some Pic`s if you buy it...

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Is there any cautions i should be looking for when searching for a frig. I know the ployureathane is a no no but what about these older frig'es

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Any chance of seeing this antique before you tear it a new one?I love antiques and repair fridges for a livening.Just so you know some old fridges are worth big bucks and yours sounds rare.

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It's in working condition. It is in a basement of a house which is going to get remodeled and he wants it gone. All i know is he said it has a cast iron boiler and weights a ton and its in good condition. I'm currently in Seattle and will not be home until early next week so i wont see it until then. Is there any place i can go once i have seen it. I'll try to post picture once i do. If this is not the "holy grail" of fridges do you think it would make a good smoker.

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Hello again Mike Ark

I just remember he also said there was a freezer at the top which has a sliding piece of glass which opens it. Is there someplace to look on the web because i can't find out anything about this unit.....


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Once you get it get all the info off it then put it in yahoo then google and don't forget e-bay.Not being able to find info is a good thing in

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Thanks Mike I apperciate the info...........It's kind of a mixed blessing it's great if its vauble but bad if i find my perfect box and cant use it....

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Is this a gas model?

I used to buy them for scrap price and sell them to guys with hunting shacks for $300+

The recycle guys charge to get rid of them


The old Servel Fridges used Ammonia instead of freon, and stink when going bad.


It shouldn't have polyurethane, it's too old.


You are supposed to remove the door, because of the latch.  This is so a kid does not crawl in and suffocate


I think it would make a great smoker

If you have a recycle center, you may find some extra racks for it.  If I remember correctly, some oven racks fit, but i had to cut some of the back off the rack.  A bolt cutter works wonders


Go For It!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks for the great imput very helpful....Unfortunetly I'm stuck in Seattle and will not be able to see my box to be until the 23rd...........So paitents is something I am forced to endure.............I've been reading for weeks on this fantastic site and I have a million idea's but fiirst I need a box which could be gone before I get home. (first come first get) Unlike you my wife just rolled her eyes when I told her my latest interest. Nonetheless it's full steam ahead come the 23rd............thanks again for the info...


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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