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My bacon wrapped Jalapenos and my mushrooms came out wonderful!   all eaten rather quickly.  stuffed with chive/onion

cream cheese and crab meat and a sprinkly of cajun seasoning.  smoked at 200 for about 2.5 hours or so!  



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I can see why they went fast! They look delicious!

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I just bought jalapenos at the store for the holidays..... I think I will use your recipe... thanks, Dave

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Man O Man that is some great looking grub... Nice job bet it was tasty

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Those make me want to fire up the smoker just for them!


Good luck and good smoking.

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nothing like puttin crab into that cream cheese! mmmmm
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Looks great. they gone  so fast i got nothing th_crybaby2.gif

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Thanks everyone, my brother got me on this website and it has been very good.  we also purchased jeffs rib rub recipe and bbq sauce. excellent as well!

I think I will make boats out of the jalapenos next time, easier to eat I think. I also did some poblanos(spelling)  bigger and alittle sweeter, they were good , had to slice them

up to eat em!  very good though! next project is smoking jerky and a hind mega roast this weekend from this dude. 

deer2011 002.jpg

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They look real good..looks like your all set in the venison dept...nice job.

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Now I have a good source for big portabella mushrooms and I was thinking that they would be good in the smoker. I guess I have my answer I was looking for.

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Man I havent made ABT'S in awhile. You got me wanting some now!!!!

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