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Maverick et 73

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Maverick et 73 at Amazon for $30.70 with free shipping. I picked one up at this price as I don't have a digital remote thermometer for my cooks, really wanted the 732 but times are tough now. Told the wife that's all I wanted for Christmas so it will be wrapped up under the tree and I'll be happy and probably have a pork butt ready to go!

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It's a good unit I have 2 of them and they work quite well for me.

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Got 1 as well. Good price, good thermo

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Congrats on the new therm! Sounds like a great buy!

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good price for a good thermo... the 732, which i just recently got sure is nice too but in reality does nothing more than the 73. differences iinclude a memory, different on/off, antenna, but the thermo functions exactly the same, setup is the same. they are a great thermo. just protect your cables going under a smoker lid... and do not submerge the probes in water when cleaning, icon14.gif
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Hi all, just have to say I'm impressed with the et 73. I was worried about the range but I'm having no trouble getting the advertised 100'. I'm smoking right now, smoker in the back yard outside the garage and I'm up in the front of the house on the second story in my den, at least 100' and thru 3 walls. I guess I lucked out and got a good one!

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If the range works for you, it was a great deal.


As previously noted, be real careful with the probes.


Good luck and good smoking.

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