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I'm using a Brinkman, with plain Kingford.  For about a year, I added a thermometer.  I think my temp is a little low, usually it's < 200.  Would I get better(higher) heat if I used lump charcoal?  I did a turkey for the famiily Thankgiving, it was devoured in short order(should'a got a bigger one).  And did my first brisket, yesterday.  I think it could have been better if the heat was a little hotter.  It didn't turn out bad, just not as good as I expected.   

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Yes lump will burn hotter.

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It's difficult doing a turkey safely with cooking temps under 200 degrees.  Why not check your chamber temps with another thermo.   Normally we raise temps by adding fuel and oxygen.  Open the dampers in the firebox and leave the dampers in the smoke chamber (on top) fully open.  This should raise your temps.    I don't think you have a fuel problem but many of us use charcoal because we think it burns cleaner and has more flavor.


:Let us know,  I'm just kind of looking for more info from you to identify your problem



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What AL said.

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Are you using the charcoal pan that came with the Brinkman? If you are it doesn't aloud enough air to get to the coals and prevent the smoker from getting higher temp. If you look at the mods for a Brinkman you will find the charcoal pan is one of the mods, either modifying the pan or replacing it.

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I use Royal Oak lump and one of those wok baskets for a charcoal pan in my Brinkmann and I have no problems with getting the temperatures up. If you can't find lump charcoal the next best thing I've found are the Stubbs all natural charcoal briquettes. I would never use Kingsford unless I had no other choice.

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Also, has much charcoal are you using?  Full pan?  I haven't used a Brinkman but definitely look into the air holes in the pan and perhaps using more lit charcoals.  It stands to reason that 6 lit coals won't put off as much heat as 20... the more fuel and oxygen the higher the temp you're going to get.

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I agree "the more fuel and oxygen the higher the temp you're going to get".  But check to see what is causing the air flow to be restricted.  No air will certainly choke the fire. 


There should be lots of WSM modifications on the SEARCH feature.  Check them out and see what works for you.


Keep trying!

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