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I love chicken in the smoker, but I never seem to get the skin right.  In an earlier post I said I was thinking about crisping up the wings in either a deep fryer or in my Big Easy.


Al, do you, or one of the other members have a secret in getting crispy skin on your smoked chicken?  Thanks.


I guess if you do the lollipops, you're turning the skin inside out unless you remove it.  How does the skin turn out when it's left on?....since it's not exposed?


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I smoke all poultry at 300-325 so the skin gets crispy. With the lolipops the skin is on the inside & comes out very tender, not crispy, but not rubbery either. If your smoker will not get to those higher temps then smoking them for a couple of hours then crisping them up on a grill, or in the oven, or in a fryer is another option. Personally I have never tried the fryer, but it sounds like a great idea and a lot of guys on here do that.

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Hey Al, nice job. Was the smokiness of the meat too strong? I make wings a lot but I've never smoked them thinking they might absorb too much of the smoke flavor. I smoked a whole chicken once and the smoke flavor in the meat was kinda strong in my opinion so I thought if I smoked wings sometime I'd only smoke for about an hour. Thoughts?

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I smoke them fast so the smoke flavor is perfect for us. If you want a milder smoke flavor then use some kind of fruit wood like apple. 

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