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Store Bought Ham

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Has anyone ever taken a store bought ham and instead of warming it up in the oven put it into a smoker? Since it is already processed I probably would not use any smoke, just the let the residuals in the smoker add flavor. If you have how long should I plan on leaving it in there? I'm talking about a either the shank or butt portion. Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!!

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What kind of ham did you get. There are the already smkoed " READY TO EAT " which basiclly just need to be reheated, but then there are the ready to cook hams which need to be probed & taken to a minimum of 145. They both smoke well though. Jeff sent out a newsletter on it last month. I belive it on the smoking-meats homepage?


Found it!


Dont forget the qview too friend!!!

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They are great smoked again! Do it all the time. Follow the package instructions for re heating & just take it to that temp in your smoker.

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Not a fresh ham, just an already processed ham like Cooks or Smithfield. Thanks for the link because next spring when it gets warm again I plan on trying a fresh ham.

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Thanks, do you add more smoke to yours?

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Yea there are alot of folks here that do it all the time. I did it this year while in New York and it came out great. The ham did get some good smokey flavor to.

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