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ribs and beans

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made some ribs in my new machine today  

using this braunfel is quite a bit different than the GOSM but it is fun to use and will add nicely to my growing list of machines


new braunfels 012.jpg


 a few ribs


new braunfels 015.jpg


beans with oniins and some shredded brisket


new braunfels 014.jpg


dinner time gotta go


thanks for looking


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Good looking product.  Wife is an Ohio State fan and is so sad she ended up with him.

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I`d eat that !!!!!!

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X2 on roller!  What a meal! Those ribs look perfect.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Great looking ribs Rick! The beans ain't too shabby neither!

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Looks good !!!




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Looks great from here !! icon14.gif
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Yummy it looks great i love ribs and beans and yours look great

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Now thats some good looking food Rick.

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nice lookin ribs rick........i like the smoke i get from my SFB over my stand up.

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Great looking ribs Rick - looks like you got the hang of the new smoker pretty fast

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